Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time-to-Answer - A Business-Driven Scorecard for Big Data

In this podcast, Paul Barth from New Venture Partners presents: Time-to-Answer - A Business-Driven Scorecard for Big Data. According to Barth, the key to business success is data preparation (cleanse, normalize, and integrate the data), not the total amount of data that you have.
NewVantage helps clients mitigate the risk of critical business initiatives -- information strategy, data management/governance, customer/digital strategy, and business process alignment -- through a focus on up-front planning and execution: current state assessment, future state vision, roadmap, business case, requirements, capabilities, business architecture, and by providing a critical link between business and technology strategy and capabilities. Succcessful business transformation requires committed business sponsorship and strong technology partnership, and benefit from the independent, expert perspectives of business and technology executives who have “sat in the chair.”
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