Sunday, November 20, 2011

Revolution Analytics Wrangles Big Data

In this podcast, David Smith from Revolution Analytics discusses the company's enterprise software solutions for Big Data.

SPM.Python Exploits Parallelism with Fault Tolerance

In this podcast, Minesh B. Amain from MBA Sciences presents on new advances in SPM.Python.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Opscode Brings Chef to Windows

In this podcast, Chris Brown and Jay Wampold from Opscode describe the company's new support for Windows on the Chef Infrastructure Automation platform.

Texas Instruments Multicore DSPs for Low Power, Accelerated HPC

In this podcast, Arnon Friedmann from Texas Instruments provides an overview on the company's new Multicore DSPs for HPC.

DDN's New SFA12K Storage Does 1 Terabyte/sec

In this podcast, DDN's Jeff Denworth describes the company's new SFA12K storage system, which is capable of delivering 1 Terabyte/sec of bandwidth.

"The SFA12K-40 delivers the industry's highest single-platform performance, at over 40GB/s and 1.4 Million Flash IOPS. With InifniBand and Fibre Channel connectivity, the system is designed to easily scale file storage systems to 1TB/s and beyond with as little as 25 arrays."

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

ZL Technologies Wrangles Big Data

In this video, Steve Chan of ZL Technologies provides an overview of the company's Big Data storage management software for the enterprise.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Scavado Helps Recruiters Find, Recruit, & Win

In this video, Daniel Estrada from Scavado demonstrates the company's easy to use recruitment search tool software. Scavado is a simple, powerful sourcing tool for proactive recruiters to find prospective candidates online, compile their contact information, and build a comprehensive pipeline of prospects to recruit.

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SIGHPC Chair Looks to the Future of HPC Community

In this podcast, Cherri Pancake from Oregon State University tells us all about the new SIGHPC - an ACM Special Interest Group designed to give the international HPC community a home base for the rest of the year beyond the Supercomputing conferences. As Chairperson, Cherri has helped to bring together a veritable who’s who of HPC luminaries for the SIGHPC Executive Committee and Advisory Board.

Cherri is also the Housing Chair for SC11 and we go on to discuss what looks to be a record year for the conference series in terms of attendance and a number of other areas.