Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Huawei HPC Solutions

In this podcast, Mohammad Moshref from Huawei describes the company's HPC blade and storage technologies.

Introducing StorNext5 Appliances

In this podcast, Skip Levens from Quantum describes the company StorNext5 family of Appliances and Quantum Lattus Object Storage for Big Data management.

IBTA & OpenFabrics Update from SC13

In this podcast, Bill Lee from the InfiniBand Trade Association and Rupert Dance from the Open Fabrics Alliance provide an update on InfiniBand and RDMA from their joint booth at SC13.

Accelerating HPC with Ethernet

In this podcast, Derek Granath from Extreme Networks presents: Accelerating HPC with Ethernet.

Announcing the Terascala Intelligent Storage Bridge

In this podcast, Bryan Cote from Terascala describes the company’s new Intelligent Storage Bridge technology.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Introducing GridBank 4.0 from Tarmin

In this podcast, Joseph Lynn and Linda Thomson from Tarmin describe the features on the company’s new release of GridBank version 4.0. Watch the video presentation: http://inside-bigdata.com/2013/12/09/slidecast-introducing-gridbank-4-0-tarmin

DataRPM Natural Language Analytics

In this podcast, Sundeep Sanghavi from DataRPM demonstrates the company’s innovative Natural Language Analytics software for Business Intelligence. Watch the video presentation.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top 10 Data Storage Trend Predictions for 2014

In this podcast, Molly Rector from Spectra Logic reviews her Top 10 Data Storage Trend Predictions for 2014.
Organizations will begin to recognize the benefits of Object Storage more easily as enterprise applications increasingly create support for Object and RESTful interfaces to storage."

Quantum Computing - A New Resource for HPC

In this podcast, Colin Williams from D-Wave Systems presents: Quantum Computing - A New Resource for HPC. Watch the video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP3YVLGnmhs

NetApp Portfolio Update for SC13

In this podcast, Brendan Howe from NetApp describes the company’s full portfolio for HPC data storage. The new NetApp EF550 all-flash array delivers high performance and enterprise reliability for latency-sensitive data, accelerating database, web services, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and other business-critical applications. Watch the video presentation: http://insidehpc.com/2013/11/19/slidecast-netapp-portfolio-update-sc13/

Xyratex Rolls out the ClusterStor 9000

In this podcast, Larry Jones from Xyratex describes how ClusterStor puts productivity into high performance data storage. Watch the video presentation: http://insidehpc.com/2013/11/20/xyratex-rolls-clusterstor-9000/

Silicon Photonics for HPC Interconnects

In this podcast, Brian Welch from Luxtera presents: Silicon Photonics for HPC Interconnects. Watch the video presentation: http://insidehpc.com/2013/11/17/slidecast-silicon-photonics-hpc-interconnects/

Nvidia Launches K40 GPU, Teams with IBM on Power Supercomputers

In this podcast preview of SC13, Sumit Gupta from Nvidia discusses the latest product news on GPU computing for HPC.

Strongbox Shared Storage for HPC Data Protection

In this podcast, David Cerf from Crossroads Systems describe the company’s innovative Strongbox Shared Storage for HPC data protection.

Lucidworks Integrates with Splunk for Better Search

In this podcast, Will Hayes from Lucidworks describes the company’s enterprise ready Lucene/Solr search solutions that are now available as an integrated package with Splunk Enterprise.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

OpenACC Adds GCC Support and New Members

In this podcast, OpenACC President Duncan Poole leads a panel of speakers describing the latest additions to OpenACC. Speakers include Oscar Hernandez from ORNL, Nathan Sidwell from Mentor Graphics, and Michael Wolfe from PGI.

SDSC Booth at SC13 to Feature Gaming Competition Powered by Meteor Cluster

In this podcast, Rick Wagner describes the Long-Tail Death Match, a gaming competition running on a multipanel display at the SDSC booth. SDSC built the Meteor Cluster for the competition, a Beowulf cluster based on inexpensive Rasberry Pi computing devices. Learn more: http://users.sdsc.edu/~glockwood/fun/SC13_Comet_Newspaper.pdf

The Amazing Flying Snakes Simulation

In this podcast, Lorena Barba and Anush Krishnan from George Washington University describe recent research into the amazing aerodynmics of flying snakes. "Flying snakes use a unique method of aerial locomotion: they jump from tree branches, flatten their bodies and undulate through the air to produce a glide. The shape of their body cross-section during the glide plays an important role in generating lift. This paper presents a computational investigation of the aerodynamics of the cross-sectional shape. We performed two-dimensional sim- ulations of incompressible flow past the anatomically correct cross-section of the species Chrysopelea paradisi, showing that a significant enhancement in lift appears at an angle of attack of 35◦, above Reynolds numbers 2000. Previous experiments on physical models also obtained an increased lift, at the same angle of attack. The flow is inherently three-dimensional in physical experiments, due to fluid instabilities, and it is thus intriguing that the enhanced lift appears also in the two-dimensional simulations. The simulations point to the lift enhancement arising from the early separation of the boundary layer on the dorsal surface of the snake profile, without stall. The separated shear layer rolls up and interacts with secondary vorticity in the near-wake, inducing the primary vortex to remain closer to the body and thus cause enhanced suction, resulting in higher lift." Read the Full Story.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BeoWulf Bash Coming to Denver for SC13

In this podcast, Jill King from Adaptive Computing describes the 2013 BeoWulf Bash. The free event will take place on Monday, Nov. 18 at 9pm at the Wynkoop Brewery in Denver. Learn more: http://xandmarketing.com/beobash13/

How Cycle Computing Spun Up a Petascale CycleCloud

In this podcast, Jason Stowe from Cycle Computing describes the company's recent record-breaking Petascale CycleCloud HPC production run.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ClearStory: The Next Era of Data Analysis

In this podcast, Stephanie McReynolds from ClearStory Data describes the company's Data Intelligence Platform. "Data access and analysis were once relegated to specialists, quants or statisticians. Today, competitiveness on the front lines of business is dictated by the speed of data access and the quality of informed decision-making. ClearStory is an integrated Application & Platform speeding analysis across internal & external data."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Announcing Continuuity Reactor 2.0 - The Big Data App Server

In this podcast, Jonathan Gray from Continuuity describes the company's Reactor 2.0 Big Data App server.
We’re coming out of public beta and launching Continuuity Reactor 2.0. Now, businesses and developers can build and deploy production Big Data apps using our platform. We added a collection of new features to make Continuuity Reactor 2.0 production-ready, including MapReduce Scheduling, High Availability, Resource Isolation and full REST API support.
Watch the video presentation.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Univa Acquires Grid Engine Software Assets from Oracle

In this podcast, Gary Tyreman from Univa describes the company's recent acquistion of Grid Engine assets from Oracle. As a part of the transaction, Univa acquired Oracle Grid Engine assets and intellectual property making it the sole commercial provider of Grid Engine. Watch the video presentation.

SGI Rolls Out Big Data Portfolio

In this podcast, Bob Braham from SGI describes the company’s new offerings for Big Data in the enterprise including: New SGI InfiniteData Cluster New Hadoop public Sandbox New SGI ObjectStore SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway Watch the video presentation.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How iVEC will use Allinea MAP as a Secret Weapon in the SC13 Student Cluster Competition

In this podcast, Dr. Rebecca Hartman-Baker from iVEC in Australia describes how she pulled together a team in Perth for the SC13 Student Cluster Competition. Using innovative profiling tools like Allinea MAP, the iVEC team hopes to tune application codes and gain a competitive edge. Download the MP3

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Koality Testing Platform for the Cloud

In this podcast, Koality co-founder and COO Jordan Potter demonstrates how the company's cloud software testing platform automatically parallelizes your test suite across available virtual machines, making tests up to 64x faster.
Koality is a seamless server-side application that sits between your startup’s repository and your engineers’ computers to improve code changes. You don’t have to change your workflow — but instead of pushing code to your repository, your patches will first go through Koality. The server will then run test suites before submitting to the repository. If there is something wrong with your code, you will receive a notification. Koality effectively ends broken builds and countless wasted hours."
Download the MP3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Georgia Tech FLAMEL Program Brings Big Data to Material Science

In this podcast, Richard Fujimoto and Surya Kalidindi from Georgia Tech describe the new FLAMEL doctoral student training program. FLAMEL is designed to develop innovations in computing, mathematics, material science, and manufacturing in order to accelerate the creation of new high performance materials for applications.

ScaleOut Software: Enabling Real-Time Analytics Using Hadoop Map/Reduce

In this podcast, Wiliam Bain and David Brinker from ScaleOut Software present: Enabling Real-Time Analytics Using Hadoop Map/Reduce. "Welcome to real-time analytics for Hadoop! ScaleOut hServer V2 is the world's first in-memory execution engine for Hadoop MapReduce. Now you can analyze live data using standard Hadoop MapReduce code, in memory and in parallel without the need to install and manage the Hadoop stack of software. Watch the presentation video.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

NoSQL and ACID from FoundationDB

In this podcast, Dave Rosenthal from FoundationDB, the first commercially available NoSQL database that supports global ACID transactions (found only in relational systems) and multi-data models.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing the QuantCell Big Data Spreadsheet

In this podcast, Kris Thorleifsson and Agust Egilsson from QuantCell Research describe how their easy-to-use big data spreadsheet and end-user programming environment.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dell Collaboration Speeds Emirates Team New Zealand in Americas Cup

dellIn this podcast, Tim Carroll from Dell describes the company's collaborative effort with the Emirates Team New Zealand on the recent America's Cup sailboat race.
We can now complete an entire boat design test in three days using the Dell HPC cluster. We’ve gone from 30 to 40 design candidates being tested physically for our 2007 Cup campaign to testing 300-400 designs for this edition of the America’s Cup,” said Nick Holroyd, Technical Director, Emirates Team New Zealand."

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HPC University Podcast

In this podcast, Ange Mason from the San Diego Supercomputing Center takes us on a tour of HPC University--a resource site on High Performance Computing for students and educators. Learn more: http://www.hpcuniversity.org

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Penguin Artica Switches for the Software Defined Datacenter

In this podcast, Arend Dittmer from Penguin Computing describes the company's new Artica line of open network switches. View the Slides * Watch the Slidecast

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SGI Ivy Bridge Podcast

In this podcast, Bill Mannel from SGI presents: SGI Solutions with Intel Xeon E5-2600v2 Processors. Watch the presentation video * Download the MP3Subscribe on iTunes * Subscribe to RSS

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Clustrix Scaleout SQL Database, Engineered for the Cloud

In this podcast, Robin Purohit of Clustrix describes the company’s leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are You Ready for Big Data Analytics?

In this podcast, Bill Jacobs from Revolution Analytics presents: Are You Ready for Big Data Analytics?. By building on open source R—the world's most powerful statistics software, Revolution Analytics meets the demands and requirements of modern data-driven businesses. Download the MP3

Monday, September 2, 2013

SSRLabs Develops New Coprocessors for Big Data

In this podcast, Axel Kloth from SSRLabs describes the company's innovative Big Data hardware architecture optimized for bandwidth and power efficiency.
Scalable Systems Research Labs is a Silicon Valley startup focused on the development and sale of a family of coprocessors to solve the "Big Data" problem by accelerating execution of applications for customers who demand higher performance and where the power supply or cooling capacity is limited. These coprocessors work with a variety of standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs).
Download the MP3 * Watch the Slidecast

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Embedded Analytics

In this podcast, Mike Boyarski from Jaspersoft presents: The Rise of Embedded Analytics.
Jaspersoft empowers millions of people every day to make decisions faster by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes. Its embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform allows anyone to quickly self serve and get the answers they need and scales architecturally and economically to reach everyone."
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License Management is Not Boring!

In this podcast, Fritz Ferstl from Univa discusses complex issues of application license management for cluster and grid deployments. The company launched its Univa License Orchestrator in July to help customers optimize this valuable resource.
Companies invest large portions of their budget on expensive software tools without the means to ensure that these critical assets are being used optimally and getting into the hands of those who need it most," said Gary Tyreman, CEO, Univa. "In the highly competitive business environments of today, going to market quickly is paramount. License Orchestrator provides that speed through an integrated, scalable and flexible approach to managing key software licenses."
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rob Farber on Parallel Programming Summer School

In this podcast, author Rob Farber describes his recent experiences teaching parallel programming at the GPU and MIC Accelerator Workshop in Paris and the XSEDE Summer School program. Download the MP3

Monday, August 5, 2013

Treasure Data Brings Big Data Analytics to the Cloud

In this podcast, Kaz Ohta, Kiyoto Tamura, and Ankush Rustagi from Treasure Data describe the company's Cloud Data Warehouse service.
The Treasure Data Cloud Data Warehouse service enables companies to get big data analytics running in days not months without specialist IT resources and for a tenth the cost of other alternatives. Traditional data warehousing solutions - even modern alternatives such as Hadoop - are too expensive, complex and take too long for many companies to implement, so the idea of quickly launching a data warehouse service that uses the power and economics of the Cloud for companies of any size, opens up a huge potential market."
Download the MP3View the Slides

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Diablo Memory Channel Flash Technology - Big Data for Less

In this podcast, Kevin Wagner from Diablo Technologies describes the company's new Memory Channel Flash Solution. Flash SSDs boost system performance, and flash over PCIe is even faster, but the best performance will come from flash on the memory channel," said Jim Handy, Director at Objective Analysis. "Diablo is on the right path by providing a way to plug flash right into the DDR memory buses on today's servers.”

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How HPCC Systems Fights Fraud with Big Data

In this podcast, Dr. Flavio Villanustre from LexisNexis discusses the company's Risk Solutions for Big Data.
HPCC Systems from LexisNexis Risk Solutions works with clients in various industries to manage different types of risk by helping them derive insight from massive data sets. To do this, we have developed our High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) technology, making it possible to process and analyze complex, massive data sets in a matter of seconds."
As Villanustre describes, HPCC Systems are being used to detect fraud. One LexisNexis customer at the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General used the technology to investigate suspected fraud among a group of state Medicaid recipients, all of whom were living in the same high-end condominium complex. Download the case study (PDF).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How General Catalyst Partners Sparks Big Data Innovation

In this podcast, Deepak Jeevan Kumar from VC firm General Catalyst Partners describes his efforts to help entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas in big data, cloud computing, data center infrastructure, cyber-security, and clean energy.
Deepak Jeevan Kumar has been with General Catalyst since 2010, first in Boston and later in the firm’s Palo Alto office. He specializes in incubating and launching big data and cloud computing startups. Deepak has been closely involved in General Catalyst’s investments in AltiScale, DataGravity, ParElastic, Push Computing, Sunglass.io and Virtual Instruments. Prior to joining GC, Deepak led Sun Microsystems’ high performance computing work in the Asia-Pacific region. He has the distinction of being a key architect of a few top 10 supercomputers in the world. He was had a short stint at the Yale Investments office. Deepak is a graduate of the National University of Singapore, earning a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering; the Singapore-MIT Alliance, earning a S.M. in Computer Science; and the Yale School of Management, earning an M.B.A.
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Tableau Online Brings Rapid-fire Business Intelligence to the Cloud

In this podcast, Ellie Fields from Tableau Software demonstrates the company's new cloud-based offering called Tableau Online. As a SaaS or hosted version of Tableau Server Tableau Online brings the power of rapid-fire business intelligence to the cloud, making analytics easier than ever. People can share, author and edit dashboards and reports with their company, customers and partners in just minutes.
Tableau Online will allow people to get their analytics up and running in minutes and add users in a few clicks,” said Chris Stolte, Chief Development Officer and co-founder of Tableau Software. “It’s completely scalable and secure and requires no infrastructure. It’s the fastest way to get everyone in your company using powerful analytics to make better decisions today.”
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Implications of Salesforce Acquiring ExactTarget for Sales Professionals

In this slidecast, John McGee from Optifinow presents on the Implications of Salesforce Acquiring ExactTarget for Sales Professionals.
While the acquisition of ExactTarget by Salesforce will enhance the marketing campaign features of Salesforce, the reality is there are still gaps in the sales automation side of the equation,” said OptifiNow CEO John McGee. “Companies using Salesforce for CRM and ExactTarget for digital marketing can easily integrate OptifiNow into the tools they are currently using to provide their sales teams with more robust, effective and useful sales automation features.”
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

SGI Product Update for June 2013

In this slidecast, Bill Mannel from SGI presents an update on the company's innovative HPC solutions. Download the MP3 * View the SlidesSubscribe on iTunesSubscribe to RSS

Friday, June 28, 2013

Canara: Delivering Better Power Systems with Advanced Analytics

In this podcast, Tom Barton from Canara describes the company's innovate UPS power solutions for the datacenter.
The battery monitoring system is built with interoperability in mind. The system captures battery data from standard Canara battery monitors but also supports integration of data captured on any other battery monitoring solution. All data captured is accessible via Canara Connect, a locally hosted application that provides anytime-anywhere access to your battery health. Through Canara Connect, you can consolidate data from multiple battery systems into a single online dashboard and generate informative reports to guide your decision making."
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rogue Wave Software for Developing Parallel, Data-intensive Applications

In this podcast, Scott Lasica from Rogue Wave Software describes how the company helps its customers meet the challenges of programming at extreme scale.
Developing parallel, data-intensive applications is hard. We make it easier. Rogue Wave works with many scientists performing cutting-edge research and solving Grand Challenge class problems at labs and supercomputer facilities around the world. Time and again, scientists tell us that TotalView provides them with the advanced functionality that makes it possible to quickly fix even complex bugs."
To learn more about Rogue Wave Software, check out their booth #550 at ISC'13. Download the MP3Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe to RSS

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slidecast: Postgres - A Tipping Point?

In this slidecast, Ed Boyajian from EnterpriseDB presents: Postgres - A Tipping Point?
PostgreSQL is the #1 enterprise-class open source database with a feature set comparable to the major proprietary RDBMS vendors and a customer list that spans every industry. EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus solutions let you confidently develop and deploy PostgreSQL-backed applications that scale all the way from embedded solutions to massive OLTP and data warehouse systems that serve thousands of users."
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Infochimps: Cloud for Big Data

In this slidecast, Jim Kaskade from Infochimps presents: Cloud for Big Data.
Infochimps was founded by data scientists and cloud computing experts. Our solutions make it faster, easier and far less complex to build and manage Big Data systems behind applications to quickly deliver actionable insights. With Infochimps Cloud, enterprises benefit from the fastest way to deploy Big Data applications in complex, hybrid cloud environments."
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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Practical Introduction to Hadoop

In this slidecast, Alex Gorbachev from Pythian presents a Practical Introduction to Hadoop. This is a great primer for viewers who want to get the big picture on how Hadoop works with Big Data and how this approach differs from relational databases. View the slidesDownload the MP3Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe to RSS

Mellanox Rolls Out Virtual Modular Switch

In this slidecast, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox presents an overview of the company's new Virtual Modular Switch.
Cloud, Web 2.0, and enterprise data centers which require large aggregation Ethernet switch networks are moving away from legacy modular switches, due to high expenses and rapid obsolescence, to fixed switches that bring scalability and efficiency," said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. "The Mellanox Virtual Modular Switch solution, comprised of Mellanox's 10, 40 and 56GbE switches, enables our customers to achieve a new level of scalability, while future-proofing their investment and reducing expenses."
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Practical Introduction to Hadoop

In this podcast, Alex Gorbachev from Pythian presents a Practical Introduction to Hadoop. This is a great primer for viewers who want to get the big picture on how Hadoop works with Big Data and how this approach differs from relational databases. View the slidesDownload the MP3Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe to RSS

Friday, May 24, 2013

Univa Partners with Europe's science + computing to Bolster Digital Manufacturing

In this slidecast, Gary Tyreman from Univa describes the company's new partnership with Europe's science + computing.
Our customers operate technical computing environments where infrastructure software like Univa Grid Engine is a key component. This partnership allows us to support our customers on all levels, giving them more options to use their compute clusters in the most efficient manner," says Gerd-Lothar Leonhart, CEO of s+c. "Additionally, the possibility to integrate Univa Grid Engine with Hadoop systems opens up new opportunities to optimize the usage of Big Data installations."
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Debunking the Myths of SSL VPN Security

In this slidecast, Rainer Enders from NCP Engineering presents: Next-gen Network Access Technology.
The NCP Secure Enterprise Solution provides a set of software products that enable complete policy freedom, unlimited scaling, multiple VPN-system setup and control, and total end-to-end security. Practically speaking, one administrator is able to handle 10,000+ secure remote users through all phases."
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TwinStrata CloudArray 4.5 with DRaaS

In this podcast, Nicos Vekiarides from TwinStrata presents: TwinStrata CloudArray 4.5 with DRaaS. The new offering is an on-demand disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for VMware users.
Whether your goals are to increase storage capacity, improve off-site data protection, implement disaster recovery or all three of the above, TwinStrata CloudArray is the most comprehensive storage solution available today,” said Nicos Vekiarides, CEO of TwinStrata. “TwinStrata has made great strides in delivering enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost typically required of storage solutions. What’s exciting is CloudArray 4.5 enables organizations to enjoy a full business continuity plan without the need for backup software or a dedicated disaster site-- a once unthinkable proposition.”
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Technical Overview of Cloudera Impala

In this slidecast, Justin Erckson from Cloudera presents a technical overview of Cloudera Impala, an SQL-on-Hadoop solution that enables users to do real-time queries of data stored in Hadoop clusters.
To avoid latency, Impala circumvents MapReduce to directly access the data through a specialized distributed query engine that is very similar to those found in commercial parallel RDBMSs. The result is order-of-magnitude faster performance than Hive, depending on the type of query and configuration.
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

ClusterStor 1500 Departmental Scale-Out Storage for HPC

In this podcast, Ken Claffey from Xyratex describes the company's new ClusterStor 1500 storage system. Designed for scale-out HPC storage solutions, the ClusterStor 1500 delivers HPC performance and efficiency with help from the Lustre file system.
Departments within larger organizations or medium-sized enterprises today, especially in the commercial, academic and government sectors, represent an underserved market. They need high-performance and scalable storage solutions that are cost-efficient, easy to deploy and manage and reliable even under heavy workloads,” said Ken Claffey, senior vice president of the ClusterStor business at Xyratex. “Growth in this market segment is being driven by the increasing adoption of simulation applications in a wide range of industries from car and aircraft design to chemical interactions and financial modeling. Traditional enterprise storage systems are simply not designed to meet the performance needs of these applications, so we engineered and built the affordable and modular ClusterStor 1500 to bring the performance power of Lustre to this underserved and growing market in the way that only ClusterStor can.”
With the ability to scale performance from 1.25GB/s to 110GB/s and raw capacity from 42TB to 7.3PB, ClusterStor 1500 is purpose-built to satisfy data intensive department level compute cluster needs, ClusterStor 1500 is designed to provide best in class scale-out storage for middle tier high performance computing environments. The ClusterStor 1500 solution features scale-out storage building blocks, the Lustre parallel filesystem and a comprehensive management platform that eliminates the guesswork usually associated with building and optimizing your own HPC storage solution. Read the Full StoryView the slidesDownload the MP3Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe to RSS

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get 2know - Big Data For The Shared Economy

In this podcast, Guy Fraker presents: get2know - Big Data for the Shared Economy. With shared rides, cars, bikes, and even rooms, the issue of trust is huge. The folks at get2know have a developed a "Trust Engine" that uses Big Data to help you decide who you trust to share your stuff. Amazing! "As we build out to scale, we’ll provide a playground for alliance partners to reward consumers who utilize shared services in postive ways. We will deliver a searchable aggregated view of shared economy providers WITH utilization incentives. By doing both in a single view, using single sign-on, we provide an economic reason to be scored. We believe that by partnering with the Collaborative Consumption community, a market is created where no user asks, “ok- I got my score- now what?” get2kno is about creating a market, not building a platform." Learn more at: http://get2kno.com

Teradata Intelligent Memory for Big Data

In this podcast, Scott Gnau from Teradata Labs presents: Teradata Intelligent Memory.
The introduction of Teradata Intelligent Memory allows our customers to exploit the performance of memory within Teradata Platforms, which extends our leadership position as the best performing data warehouse technology at the most competitive price,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Teradata Intelligent Memory technology is built into the data warehouse and customers don’t have to buy a separate appliance. Additionally, Teradata enables its customers to buy and configure the exact amount of in-memory capability needed for critical workloads. It is unnecessary and impractical to keep all data in memory, because all data do not have the same value to justify being placed in expensive memory.”
  How does Intelligent Memory work? This animation video does a good job of making this advanced technology look simple. Read the Full Story * View the slides * Download the MP3Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe to RSS

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hot Interconnects 2013 Conference Looks to the Future of Networking

In this podcast, the program co-chairs of the 2013 Hot Inteconnects Conference discuss how the annual symposium covers cross-cutting issues spanning computer systems, networking technologies, and communication protocols for high-performance interconnection networks. Program guests:
  • Madeleine Glick (APIC Corporation)
  • Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zurich)
  • Fabrizio Petrini (IBM TJ Watson)
Hot Interconnects takes place in San Jose, California on August 21-23. The conference Call for Papers has been issued, with abstracts due April 26, 2013. Download the MP3 * Subscribe on iTunes * Subscribe to RSS

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grid Engine State of the Union

In this podcast, Fritz Ferstl from Univa presents: Grid Engine State of the Union.
Univa Grid Engine is the next generation product that open source Grid Engine users have been waiting for. Our customers save time and money through increased uptime, and with our innovative feature and product evolution they can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of running Grid Engine. We have improved the speed of several aspects of the product with new features and functionality designed to improve the speed of dispatching and throughput. The following features drive performance of Grid Engine to a new height. They are only available from Univa."
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Student Cluster Competition Comes to South Africa, Winners off to ISC'13

In this podcast, Happy Sithole from CHPC and Gilad Shainer from Mellanox discuss the first-ever Student Cluster Competition in South Africa, which wrapped up in December. The winning team will be traveling to compete in the ISC'13 Student Cluster Competition in Leipzig this June. Download the MP3 or Subscribe on iTunes. In related news, you can now follow all the major worldwide Student Cluster Competitions at their new home site.

Violin Memory and Toshiba Team up for Mass Adoption of Memory Infrastructure

In this podcast, Narayan Venkat from Violin Memory describes how the company's new alliance with Toshiba will help foster a whole new world of applications that perform at the speed of memory.
Our new focus on PCIe cards will allow both companies to drive radical new economics that lead to the mass adoption of memory-based architectures,” said Don Basile, CEO of Violin Memory. “NAND memory is now a requirement at every level from the smart connected device to the core of the cloud and the enterprise data center. Violin’s combined portfolios continue our leadership across the evolving memory-based solution market.”
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New DDN hScalar is World's First Enterprise Apache Hadoop Appliance

In this podcast, Jeff Denworth from DDN describes the company's new hScalar storage system -- the World's First Enterprise Apache Hadoop Appliance.
DDN has developed a Hadoop solution that is all about time to value: It simplifies rollout so that enterprises can get up and running more quickly, provides typical DDN performance to accelerate data processing, and reduces the amount of time needed to maintain a Hadoop solution." said Dave Vellante, Chief Research Officer, Wikibon.org. "For enterprises with a deluge of data but a limited IT budget, the DDN hScaler appliance should be on the short list of potential solutions.”
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Excelegrade Digital Testing Platform Wins Startup Riot

In this podcast, Sanjay Parekh from the Startup Riot discusses how the annual event brings entrepreneurs together with VCs and Angel investors. We also get a chance to talk to the most recent winner of the Riot competition, Lauren Miller from Excelegrade.
Excelegrade is a platform that allows teachers to focus on the art of teaching while we do the science. Teachers currently spend hours on administrative tasks, like test creation, grading, etc., leaving them with less time to focus on instruction. We aim to give teachers their time back without compromising the rigor of instruction and we do this with 21st century technology. Much like textbooks are going digital, Excelegrade makes K-12 classroom assessments digital by replacing paper-based tests with assessments on tablets, smart phones, and laptops."
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Examining Hadoop as a Big Data Risk in the Enterprise

In this podcast, Brian Christian from Zettaset presents: Examining Hadoop as a Big Data Risk in the Enterprise.
While the open source framework has enabled Hadoop to logically grow and expand, business and government enterprise organizations face deployment and management challenges with Hadoop. Hadoop’s core specifications are still being developed by the Apache community, and thus far, do not adequately address enterprise requirements, such as support for robust security and regulatory compliance mandates such as HIPAA and SOX, for example."
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Infosys BigDataEdge Platform for Insight Management

In this podcast, Vishnu Bhat from Infosys presents an overview of the company's all-new BigDataEdge platform for insight management.
Enterprises today cannot afford to spend an inordinate amount of time making sense of the data deluge that surrounds them," said Vishnu Bhat, VP of Cloud at Infosys. “Infosys BigDataEdge draws upon our deep research & development capabilities and proven expertise in Big Data and analytics to help clients turn data into revenues faster. This unique platform is already enabling ten global organizations to develop actionable insights in a matter of days and act on them from day one.”
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ethernet Secrets of TCP

In this podcast, Jeff Squyres from Cisco presents: Ethernet Secrets of TCP.
TCP? Who cares about TCP in HPC? More and more people, actually. With the commoditization of HPC, lots of newbie HPC users are intimidated by special, one-off, traditional HPC types of networks and opt for the simplicity and universality of Ethernet. And it turns out that TCP doesn’t suck nearly as much as most (HPC) people think, particularly on modern servers, Ethernet fabrics, and powerful Ethernet NICs. I’ll cut to the chase: I surprised myself by being able to get ~10us half-round-trip ping-pong MPI latency over TCP (using NetPIPE)."
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

AMD's John Gustafson on Three Common Misconceptions about HPC

In this podcast, John Gustafson discusses how AMD is meeting customer challenges for energy efficient computing. He also shares three common misconceptions about HPC. Download the MP3 * Download the SlidesSubscribe on iTunes * If Dropbox is blocked, download audio from Google Drive.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Garantia Data Goes GA with Cloud-based Redis and Memcached Platform

In this podcast, Ofer Bengal from Garantia Data describes the company's cloud-based Redis and Memcached high performance database platform, which went GA today.
We are excited to be the first to offer AWS' European users enhanced Redis functionality they never had before," mentioned Ofer Bengal, CEO of Garantia Data. "We have seen great demand in this region for scalable, highly available and fully-automated services for Redis and Memcached. Our Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud provide exactly the sort of functionality developers look for."
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LUG 2013 Coming to San Diego, April 16-18

In this podcast, Norm Morse from OpenSFS looks back on the past year's developments in the Lustre community and provides an preview of the upcoming LUG 2013 conference in San Diego April 16-18.
LUG is always about a real exchange of ideas. The LUG program committee would like to invite members of the Lustre community to submit presentation abstracts for inclusion in this year’s agenda. If you’ve considered it before, but put it off, we want to hear from you. We’ve made it easy; the first step simply requires one-page abstract of your proposed talk. We’re looking for deep-dives, new information, and controversial topics in all areas of Lustre development, application, or best-practices. The deadline to submit presentation abstracts is March 4, 2013.
Registration is now open. The call for presentations is online and there are many sponsorship opportunities. Download the MP3Subscribe on iTunes * If Dropbox is blocked, download audio from Google Drive.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nevex Technology Powers Intel Cache Acceleration Software

In this podcast, Andrew Flint and Carolyn Hanley from Intel present: Intel Cache Acceleration Software.
Intel CAS complements our SSD data center family by providing a total caching solution that delivers even more value and capability for our customers," said Chuck Brown, product line manager for Intel's Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. "Intel CAS delivers a multi-level cache across the SSD and DRAM for optimal performance. Compared to short-stroked hard-drive technology, we've seen up to 50 times the improvement in I/O performance throughput for read intensive workloads by adding Intel CAS with the Intel SSD 910 series1."
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Ironstone VC Fund Using Data Science to Pick Disruptive Startups

Can Big Data analytics be used to predict which Startup companies will succeed? In this podcast, Thomas Thurston from Growth Science discusses the new Ironstone Venture Capital Fund, which is using Business Model Simulation to choose disruptive Startups.
The human mind is good at some things but bad at others. So we use data science and technology to help our brains with the things they weren’t designed for. This marriage between technology and the brain has allowed us to predict business behavior in ways that weren’t possible even a decade ago. It’s the future of venture capital,” said Thomas Thurston from Growth Science. "This fund is unique. First, instead of mostly using intuition, like most VCs do, we’re using powerful, proven data science to identify disruptive companies. That’s revolutionary. Second, we’re interested in seed- and early-stage companies, which is much needed as our economy rebuilds itself. Finally, unlike a lot of VCs focused on exits and quickly ‘flipping’ startups, we have a long-term view and really want to partner with people growing strong, disruptive, meaningful businesses to make the world a better place.”
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An Overview of Glasshouse Cloud Services

In this podcast, Ken Copas from Glasshouse presents an overview of the company's Cloud services.
GlassHouse delivers clarity amid the hype, providing vendor independent, objective IT consulting, to drive customer defined business outcomes, and guide clients along the full lifecycle of transforming their IT infrastructure. We are unique in our focus not just on technology but also on our clients’ information policies, procedures and organizational design, as those have the most significant impact on IT costs and effectiveness. Our solutions cover end-to-end planning, design and deployment to fully managed services."
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cycle Computing Runs Amazing 10,600 Instance on AWS for Big Pharma

In this podcast, Jason Stowe from Cycle Computing describes how the company spun up a 10,600 instance HPC cluster in 2 hours with CycleCloud on Amazon EC2. Using just one Chef 11 server and one purpose in mind, this on-the-fly cluster was used to accelerate life science research relating to a cancer target for a Big 10 Pharmaceutical company.
To tackle this problem, we decided to build software to create a CycleCloud utility supercomputer from 10,600 cloud instances, each of which was a multi-core machine! This makes this cluster the largest server-count cloud HPC environment that we know about, or has been made public to date (the former utility supercomputing leader was our 6,732 instance cluster for Schödinger from 2012). If this cluster were a physical environment, analysts said it would occupy a 12,000 sq ft data center space, costing $44 million. Instead, we created this in 2 hours, with these 10,600 hosts, used it for 9 more, at a peak cost of $549.72 per hour, and turned it off for a total cost of $4,362. Wow!"
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Merle Giles on Increasing Emphasis on the Industrial Sector at ISC'13

In podcast, Merle Giles from NCSA and I discuss the new Two-Day Industry Track on "HPC for Small and Medium Enterprises" at the upcoming ISC'13 conference. As part of the ISC Distinguished Speaker Series, Giles will present on the common needs of engineering and scientific research in regard to HPC.
The goal of the Industry Track is to help attendees from the industry, who often have different computing requirements than those at scientific institutions, make informed decisions about acquiring and operating HPC systems. This newly established track will focus on engineering and manufacturing in industry, especially on helping the industry improve product design and time-to-market through the use of HPC. The talks are also aimed at spurring a dialogue between users, technology companies, hardware vendors, software vendors and service providers. Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be strongly represented.
ISC'13 will take place June 16-20 in n Liepzig, Germany, a new city for the show. Download the MP3Subscribe on iTunes * If Dropbox is blocked, download audio from Google Drive.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More than Big Data: Scott Gnau on the Teradata Unified Data Architecture

In this podcast, Scott Gnau from Teradata Labs discusses various aspects of Big Data and how the company's Unified Data Architecture can position the enterprise to succeed.

SGI Infinite Storage & Scality Ring

In this podcast, Floyd Christofferson from SGI describes how the combination of the company's Infinite Storage platform and Scality Ring technology provide a new, unified scale-out storage system. The solution is designed to provide both extreme scale and high performance, allowing customers to manage storage of massive stores of unstructured data.
Scale-out object-based solutions are designed to address this particular set of problems by minimizing manual intervention for storage expansions, migrations, and recoveries from storage system failure," said Ashish Nadkarni, research director, Storage Systems at IDC. "Such a dispersed, fault-tolerant architecture enables IT organizations to more efficiently absorb data growth in a manner that is predicable for the long term."
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Intel's Eric Barton Updates Progress on Fast Forward Storage & IO Program

In this podcast, Eric Barton, Lead Architect for Intel's High Performance Data Division presents a progress update on the Fast Forward I/O & Storage program. Back in July 2012, Whamcloud was awarded the Storage and I/O Research & Development subcontract for the Department of Energy’s FastForward program. Shortly afterward, the company was acquired by Intel. The two-year contract scope includes key R&D necessary for a new object storage paradigm for HPC exascale computing, and the developed technology will also address next-generation storage mechanisms required by the Big Data market.
The subcontract incorporates application I/O expertise from the HDF Group, system I/O and I/O aggregation expertise from EMC Corporation, and scale testing facilities from Cray, teamed with file system, architecture, and project management skills from Whamcloud. All components developed in the project will be open sourced and benefit the entire Lustre community.
This is a fascinating presentation for those interested in how an Exascale system might handle data, and the prototype that comes out of it may well represent the roadmap to the future of supercomputing. Download the MP3 * Download the Slides (PDF)Subscribe on iTunes * If Dropbox is blocked, download audio from Google Drive.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

TheInfoPro Research Report on Server and Virtualization Trends

In this podcast, Peter ffoulkes from TheInfoPro presents results from a recent study on Servers and Virtualization markets. As an analyst with a deep background in HPC, ffoulkes does a great job of bringing this research into perspective with high performance computing markets.
TheInfoPro’s latest report focusing on Servers and Virtualization is set to be released on 1/8. I am writing to see if you would be interested in a pre-interview with Peter ffoulkes, lead analyst on the report. Conducted during the second half of 2012, TheInfoPro study identifies key initiatives of senior server infrastructure managers and examines market factors and major players. This annual study is based on extensive live interviews with server professionals and primary decision-makers at large and midsize enterprises in North America and Europe."
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Acronis: What's Next for Cloud Storage?

In this podcast, Scott Crenshaw from Acronis presents: What's Next for Cloud Storage?
Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments. With a Unified Platform and next generation technology, its innovative solutions are designed to ease the management burden and reduce total cost of ownership, while improving your recovery time objectives."
Learn more at: http://acronis.com

ScaleOut Software: In-Memory Data Grids Enable Real-Time Analysis

In this podcast, CEO Bill Bain from ScaleOut Software presents: In-Memory Data Grids Enable Real-Time Analysis.
ScaleOut Software is a pioneer and leader in data grid software. Since our first products shipped in January 2005, we have consistently developed leading-edge technologies that help our customers solve scalability and performance challenges and gain competitive advantages for their businesses."
Learn more at: http://scaleoutsoftware.com

Friday, January 4, 2013

Unreasonable at Sea - An Experiment in Transnational Entrepreneurship

In this podcast, Luke Jones presents: Unreasonable at Sea - An Experiment in Transnational Entrepreneurship.
Unreasonable at Sea is a radical experiment in global entrepreneurship, design-thinking, and education, designed to scale-up effective technological solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. We do this by hedging our bets on the most thrifty, resourceful, creative, and disruptive class amongst us: entrepreneurs. We are a mentor-driven accelerator for tech-entrepreneurs who desire to take their ventures into new international markets, and we choose to work exclusively with companies working on "intractable" social and environmental challenges. We could think of no better way to accelerate our portfolio companies' ability to scale across borders than to put them all on one ship, align them with some of the world's greatest mentors, and set sail more than 25,000 nautical miles while visiting 13 countries over the course of 100 days."
Learn more at: http://unreasonableatsea.com and http://www.semesteratsea.org