Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peter ffoulkes on the Business Transformation of In-Memory Analytics

In this podcast, Peter ffoulkes from 451 Research discusses the recent launch of the new Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 chip, which is designed to make data more valuable for business through in-memory computing.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Dramatic Shift in Network Architecture

In this podcast, Emilio Billi from A3 Cube presents an overview of the company’s new RONNIEE Express network architecture.

How Big Workflow Delivers Business Intelligence

In this podcast, Rob Clyde from Adaptive Computing describes Big Workflow — the convergence of Cloud, Big Data, and HPC in enterprise computing.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Preview of vSMP Foundation 5.5 Virtualization Software

In this podcast, Shai Fultheim from ScaleMP provides an update on the company’s recent announcements and previews vSMP 5.5 Foundation software. With the rise of in-memory analytics, the company is seeing rapid deployment growth for its server aggregation software. Watch the video presentation.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

In-Memory Computing & Gigaspaces

In this podcast, Uri Cohen from Gigaspaces describes the company’s in-memory computing solutions for Big Data. “GigaSpaces Technologies provides software middleware for deployment, management and scaling of mission-critical applications on cloud environments through two main product lines, XAP In-Memory Computing and Cloudify.

Announcing the BitYota Data Warehouse Service

In this podcast, Dev Patel and Poulomi Damany from BitYota describe the company’s Data Warehouse Service. “We are a Data Warehouse Service (DWS) available on major cloud providers like Rackspace and Amazon. We are designed from the ground up for high performance analytics on JSON data from fast-changing applications including web & mobile analytics and NoSQL stores like MongoDB. We don’t impact your operational store or app and best of all, as a fully managed service, we take the headache out of having to set up and manage another data platform.”

PGI 2014 Release Adds OpenACC 2.0 Features and x64 Performance Gains

In this podcast, Doug Miles from Nvidia describes the new features and performance gains in the PGI 2014 release.

Warp Mechanics: Lustre Over ZFS on Linux

In this podcast, Josh Judd from Warp Mechanics presents: Lustre Over ZFS on Linux.