Thursday, November 14, 2013

OpenACC Adds GCC Support and New Members

In this podcast, OpenACC President Duncan Poole leads a panel of speakers describing the latest additions to OpenACC. Speakers include Oscar Hernandez from ORNL, Nathan Sidwell from Mentor Graphics, and Michael Wolfe from PGI.

SDSC Booth at SC13 to Feature Gaming Competition Powered by Meteor Cluster

In this podcast, Rick Wagner describes the Long-Tail Death Match, a gaming competition running on a multipanel display at the SDSC booth. SDSC built the Meteor Cluster for the competition, a Beowulf cluster based on inexpensive Rasberry Pi computing devices. Learn more:

The Amazing Flying Snakes Simulation

In this podcast, Lorena Barba and Anush Krishnan from George Washington University describe recent research into the amazing aerodynmics of flying snakes. "Flying snakes use a unique method of aerial locomotion: they jump from tree branches, flatten their bodies and undulate through the air to produce a glide. The shape of their body cross-section during the glide plays an important role in generating lift. This paper presents a computational investigation of the aerodynamics of the cross-sectional shape. We performed two-dimensional sim- ulations of incompressible flow past the anatomically correct cross-section of the species Chrysopelea paradisi, showing that a significant enhancement in lift appears at an angle of attack of 35◦, above Reynolds numbers 2000. Previous experiments on physical models also obtained an increased lift, at the same angle of attack. The flow is inherently three-dimensional in physical experiments, due to fluid instabilities, and it is thus intriguing that the enhanced lift appears also in the two-dimensional simulations. The simulations point to the lift enhancement arising from the early separation of the boundary layer on the dorsal surface of the snake profile, without stall. The separated shear layer rolls up and interacts with secondary vorticity in the near-wake, inducing the primary vortex to remain closer to the body and thus cause enhanced suction, resulting in higher lift." Read the Full Story.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BeoWulf Bash Coming to Denver for SC13

In this podcast, Jill King from Adaptive Computing describes the 2013 BeoWulf Bash. The free event will take place on Monday, Nov. 18 at 9pm at the Wynkoop Brewery in Denver. Learn more:

How Cycle Computing Spun Up a Petascale CycleCloud

In this podcast, Jason Stowe from Cycle Computing describes the company's recent record-breaking Petascale CycleCloud HPC production run.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ClearStory: The Next Era of Data Analysis

In this podcast, Stephanie McReynolds from ClearStory Data describes the company's Data Intelligence Platform. "Data access and analysis were once relegated to specialists, quants or statisticians. Today, competitiveness on the front lines of business is dictated by the speed of data access and the quality of informed decision-making. ClearStory is an integrated Application & Platform speeding analysis across internal & external data."